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                                                                Practice Policies

Welcome to my practice. The following are my Practice Policies and Client Informed Consent. I have constructed these policies so that you the client and myself the Massage Therapist have a clear understanding of what is to be expected to make this a harmonious experience for both Client and Massage Therapist.

What to Expect:

  • Massage Therapy involves the use of touch, and may at times include the use of oils, lotions, or creams. Coming to your massage therapy session with a clean body is imperative for the health and safety of both the Client and the Massage Therapist. Personal Hygiene is mutually respected on both the part of the you the Client and the Massage Therapist. Should either part fail to uphold their hygiene responsibilities, services for that session may be postponed, This includes sickness, in the event you are ill please reschedule your appointment.

  • Alcohol/Drugs and Massage DO NOT MIX. Massage Therapist and you the Client will refrain from alcohol and/or drug use for at least 12 hours prior to massage session. If you are taking prescription medications for pain management or anti-inflammatory purposes in the past 12 hours, please notify the Massage Therapist prior to sessions begining for possible rescheduling, as these medications may alter pain receptors during massage that may negatively effect the outcome of your massage.

  • You the Client may undress to your comfort level. Removal of under garments for all Clients is optional. All Clients will be draped/covered with clean linens at all times. Only the area being worked on will be undraped/uncovered with the highest level of modesty.

  • Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and have consent of a legal parent or guardian. Any Client can request a friend or relative to accompany them in the massage session if this will help the client feel more comfortable: and provided the person accompanying does not disrupt session or behave in an inapprpriate manner.

  • Jennifer Vaughn LMT is a Professional Massage Therapist and as such, follows a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality of my Clients and sessions will be honored and noted with exception: Any revealed illegal activity or questionable activity involving minors, as required by law.

  • A credit card may be required to hold appointment if booking online but is not a required for of payment. acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card, gift certificates and some Insurances. Fees are required at the time of services. Gratuities are not included in the price of services and are not required but graciously accepted. Jennifer Vaughn LMT reserves the right to raise fees, however a 2 month notice will be given in advance.

  • Cell phones are expected to be off or silent during session by both you the Client and the Massage Therapist.

  • You the Client will be expected to communicate your preferences, expectations, and concerns during your session so that you may accurately receive the best care possible.

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